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About EMFs

Once upon a time,
there was a dream
that wanted to become real... Daniel, Melissa, Emanuel

As a seed grows into a tiny sprout reaching for the sun, so an idea grows into a dream capturing the light of our imaginations. And just as the small plant that is nurtured and protected will grow step by step into a beautiful garden, a dream that is nurtured and protected by love and effort grows goal by goal into an amazing reality.


Daniel, Melissa, and Emanuel...  Like siblings, we share a way of thinking and feeling when it comes to helping others. And we share a dream of helping all people to experience good health and well-being. We want to give our fellow human beings something new... a new understanding of possibilities... new ideas and solutions to help all people live their best life.

"It's not a matter of giving life more years, but of giving the years more life."



Dr. med Alexis Carrel

Nobel Prize for Medicine 1912

1873 – 1944

Our ideas and solutions begin by acknowledging

a simple fact:


Our environment is the foundation
on which the pillars of a good life rest.


What does that mean?  It means that the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the environment around us influence our overall health and well-being so much to the point of being a deciding factor in our entire quality of life.



The environment in which we live is no longer as good and pure as it once was. Whether a person lives in a city or in the countryside, the extent of change and pollution of the natural world reaches everywhere. So no matter where we are, we start at a disadvantage when it comes to well-being and quality of life.  From the beginning, our health suffers and our happiness is compromised because of factors beyond our control.


This, then, is where our solutions are focused: on the foundation (environment, water and food).


We bring to you solutions built on the world's best technologies for renaturing our lives - without giving up our modern lifestyles:


Environment - memon - unique, cutting-edge technology from Germany which provides proven protection from the harmful effects of radiation from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that surround us 24/7. Not only does the memon technology harmonize ambient radiation, it also renatures and restructures the water we drink and wash in, and it reduces microdust pollution in the air by up to 40%!  Nothing else like it exists in the world today.  The memon technology combines the unsurpassed wisdom of nature with the world of information technology.


Just as the famous German author, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, was annoyed by the "devilish acceleration" of progress, the visionary Steiner recognized the potential dangers of electrosmog for our health and our peace of mind even then.


Rudolf Steiner already recognized the risks of electrosmog 100 years ago:

"Electricity is not something that should invade into living things. Electricity cannot encourage living things. The soul's life will be a different, if these things are being pushed as far as they want the electricity invade our life"


"Electricity works in a terrible unconscious way and people don't know where their health problems and other things are coming from."


"Man today has all these devices in front of him and around him, he's surrounded by buzzes with electrical tension. Let's think about that....everywhere you look, there are effects, witch are caused by electricity and they continually induce tension and current

 within us."



Rudolf Steiner 1861 - 1925, founder of anthroposophy (anthroposophical architecture, Waldorf education, anthroposophical medicine, biodynamic agriculture, eurythmy and the Christian Community).

Water - The source and sustenance of all life. But in today's world, not all water is good or healthy to drink.  Not to worry, we have found the world's best technology for nearly perfect water. We have a filtration carafe that takes any water and turns it into clean, energized, alkaline, ionized, and antioxidant-rich pure, amazing, healthy water. The first thing you'll notice is the visible crystal clear purity. And then the taste will leave you refreshed and thoroughly quenched. Why only "nearly-perfect"? Because like all of our solutions, the carafe works synergistically with the memon technology to produce nature based filtered, pure, fresh, renatured water as perfect as water from a clear mountain spring.

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."


Loren Eiseley
American Anthropologist and Professor



"No disease can exist in an alkaline environment, not even Cancer".


"Deprives a cell of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it will become



 "Cancerous cell tissue is acidic, while healthy tissue is alkaline. Water can be

   subdivided into H+ and OH-. If there is a excess H+, it's sour. If there is a

   surplus of OH- ions, it's alkaline."



Nobel Prize winner Otto Heinrich Warburg, German biochemist, physician and physiologist, 1883 -1970



Food - Good nutrition is as important as air, water, and sleep, but the foods available to us today no longer contain the wealth of nutrients that they once did.  It is nearly impossible to get all of the nutrition our bodies' need for good health only from the food we eat.  In fact, the vast majority of the world's population - even in wealthy countries - is malnourished because of the nutrient deficit of our food.  Once again, we bring you solutions.  The cornerstone that our nutritional solutions are built on is unlike anything else in the world: a super-antioxidant liquid supplement.  Derived from olive leaves, the key ingredient is a unique, patented extract and one of nature's most potent antioxidants. The incredible healing and restorative benefits of this supplement are proven and backed by thorough scientific research.

sleep well - awaken mindful Love, Daniel, Melissa, and Emanuel

We combine all of this with our own knowledge and experience of nature's influences, feng shui, and a traditional Italian zest for life -  to help each of our clients find their own perfect solution toward achieving a healthy life and joyful well-being!


We would love to share with you our personal experiences of how our lives have been improved (and even transformed!) and help you find a perfect solution to accompany you on your own health journey!


Just as Goethe considers nature sacred - he appreciates the slow and "natural" emergence, Schiller, however, lives in a feeling of self-determination, of free, sometimes abrupt "making". For him, the power of decision belongs to freedom, which means as much to him as Goethe means nature.



Awaken mindful, contact us today and let us get started to give your years more life!

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