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Here is a selection of studies to show you that we do not promise too much.


If too many free radicals are produced in our bodies, this leads to a "fight" of the cells for the electrons that are available, metaphorically speaking.  This hinders the cells in their function and can even lead to cell death. This process is known as oxidative stress and is medically proven. As a result of this reaction, DNA is damaged, the absorption of enzymes and messenger substances is reduced and cell receptors are destroyed.


Oxidative stress - causes and countermeasures


One of the biggest stressors is electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic radiation. Especially the latter in the form of mobile phone radiation must be viewed critically, because the phone has become our constant companion over the last 20 years. Studies have shown that free radicals are particularly present in areas of the body that are exposed to long and intensive mobile phone radiation.

The increased intake of antioxidants, which readily release their electrons, is also frequently recommended. Although this can be a short-term help to our organism, it does not eliminate the fundamental problem of too many radicals being formed.


The most effective countermeasure is of course prevention.


Human connective tissue cells before exposure to electrosmog

Human connective tissue cells after exposure to electrosmog: loss of cell vitality

Connective tissue cells after exposure to electrosmog with

Protection: Natural cell vitality is preserved



Human connective tissue cells regenerate quickly in a cross-shaped incision without exposure to high-frequency radiation and quickly recolonize the free space, thus closing the wound.

When exposed to high-frequency radiation (mobile phone radiation) without the protection, the cells are no longer so vital and therefore have not been able to recolonize the cell-free space. The healing process is restricted and slowed down.

With the use of the technology, the athermal mobile phone radiation has been almost completely compensated and the cells look almost like those of the untreated control. No restriction can be detected anymore.


Without protection

With protection

Inhomogeneous geomagnetic fields are stabilized by the technology and the natural balance is restored. It is said that geopathic disturbances starting at 1 microtesla have a serious effect on our well-being. Geopathic disturbances below 1 microtesla should not influence our well-being. Physical proof of the effectiveness of the technology in static and extremely low frequency magnetic fields, Dr. Friedhelm Schneider, GRIMM Aerosol Technik Ainring GmbH & Co. KG, 2014


Blood cells after a 10-minute mobile phone call: The blood cells clump together (money roll effect) and restrict the blood circulation.

Blood cells after a 10-minute mobile phone call with protection: The money roll effect does not occur and the microcirculation is not negatively affected.

The red blood cells play an important role in the blood. They transport oxygen from the lungs to the cells. Embedded iron atoms stain the blood red. The iron atoms are equally magnetically charged by the magnetic field of the earth. Because of this same charge, the red blood cells can penetrate even the finest blood vessels, as they repel each other. The electrosmog of the alternating current transforms the blood. As said before, unaffected blood has a magnetic charge, through continuous current, which is created by the magnetic field of the earth. Through electrosmog this charge is destroyed and replaced by an electric one, so to speak depolarized. The consequences are a poorer nutrition of the cells, a clumping of the red blood cells and an overacidification of the body. They are the basis for many diseases such as rheumatism, thrombosis, embolism and infarction. The money roll of the red blood cells is one of the simplest methods of detecting the effects of electrosmog. By changing the blood, the entire oxygen supply in the body is permanently disrupted. Lack of drive and states of exhaustion can be the result.

The technology restores the natural blood circulation after it has been negatively affected by exposure to high-frequency radiation.

Source: 1 Dark field microscopic examination of human capillary blood under the influence of mobile phone radiation, medforschung, Rosenheim, 2012



Distribution of ions in indoor areas without protection

Fine dust distribution in indoor rooms without protection

fewer PM10 particles that can enter the nose and throat

fewer PM2.5 particles that can enter the bronchi

fewer particles PM1, which can penetrate deep into the lungs and into the organism

With protection 37% less PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 fine dust, viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe.

Distribution of ions indoors with protection

Indoor spaces are being returned to "natural conditions" (such as in forests, by the sea) through the implementation of technology, as demonstrated by the shift of air ions to more balanced and natural conditions and also the behaviour (reduction) of particulate matter. An example of the distribution of fine dust, as it was carried out during various measurements by the company Aeromess (Leipziger Str, 250. D-01139 Dresden).


The human body: an aquarium.
If the fish is sick, change the water!


Like the fish in the aquarium, our cells swim in water, more precisely in cell water. Both the fish and the cells need clean, alkaline water, rich in oxygen and nutrients to survive. The main task of the human body is the constant balance between acid and alkaline, because we consist of 70% water.

However, it usually lacks the necessary buffers to compensate for the excess of acids. This results in an acidic-alkaline imbalance that tends towards acidity. The body needs support from outside to increase the base level and to restore the acid-base balance, clean, basic, oxygen- and nutrient-rich water.


Cancer cells breathe more oxygen - and die from it. After more than 80 years, the Warburg Hypothesis is confirmed.



From a saturated lime solution, (tap water) water evaporates by heating.