EMF Radiation
(also called Electrosmog)

What is it and why is it dangerous?

What is EMF radiation, or electrosmog?

EMF radiation is produced by both natural and human activities.

Natural electromagnetic fields are produced by the Earth and create our magnetic poles, allowing compasses to work and birds and other migratory animals know which way to go, for example. These are a natural part of our world and are not harmful to us.

But there are also man-made electromagnetic fields, for example: the flow of electricity through power lines, radio and television transmitters, medical technology like X-ray and MRI machines, satellite dishes, microwave ovens, light bulbs, LED lights, electronic devices, cell phone and wireless data transmission signals, electronics and GPS devices in cars, trucks, boats, and planes ...and so on... 

These human-created electromagnetic fields are not natural and they are harmful to our health. They are what is known as EMF pollution or electrosmog.

Why is electrosmog harmful?

Electrosmog has been proven to cause metabolic diseases, including cancer.
This is not imagination or speculation. Studies over the last half-century have shown time and again that artificial EMF radiation increases oxidative stress in biological systems, which damages cells and can cause anything from anxiety and depression to leukemia and other debilitating and sometimes fatal diseases.
For more detailed information on the dangers of electrosmog and the studies that have been done, please feel free to ask us directly, or click here to read more.

Why can't most people feel electrosmog?

How can I protect my health from Electrosmog?

For an invisible and all-pervasive danger like electrosmog, it may seem like we're helpless to do anything about it. We could try to stop using technology altogether, including all forms of electricity, but even if some of us could manage such extreme measures, it wouldn't help unless the entire world destroyed all networks, electric grids, low-orbit satellites, transmission towers, and on and on and on - and we all realize that's impossible.

So what can we do? Fortunately, we can use technology to "fight" technology. And by "fight" we mean to neutralize the bad parts of the EMF waves without sacrificing the useful parts that we rely on. Think of it like waves coming into a beach - the waves come in and then go out again; if an incoming wave is exactly the same size as one going out, they wash each other out; and that is what our bionic technology does: it uses the frequencies of nature to counteract, or neutralize, the dangerous artificial frequencies.

At SWAM, we specialize in products that are scientifically proven to protect people, animals, and plants from the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation

We are not trying to sell you some cheap fancy-looking stickers that make you think you are safe when you're really not. Nor are we trying to throw everything back to the olden days before technology. First and most important, we want to give you information, and second to show you that there is something real that you can do about it.

It is our mission to help people live a healthy, vibrant life in our modern high-tech world.

We will always be willing to answer any questions you might have about electrosmog, our products, and all the research and science supporting it all.

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